Inuit: Human being. This way they call themselves the settlers of the top of the world.

Kalaallit Nunaat: Our land, name in Greenlandic that receives

It is one of the regions of the planet with the most severe climate, sometimes reaching temperatures below -50 degrees. Here is the second largest mass of ice on the planet after Antarctica. One of the few places in the world where you can feel as if you were in the beginning of creation.

Rising temperatures are causing glaciers to recede faster, in southern Greenland different foods are grown during the summer and cattle ranching is gaining strength.

In recent years, it is seen how little is gradually disappearing something that should not, the identity of a people. Something similar to what happened with Native Americans who were gradually displaced from their lands to reserves where alcohol and gambling largely replaced their dances and beliefs. An identity that is disappearing like Arctic ice.The human being has evolved but in some cases has «involuted» and thus, we have moved away from nature and its protection. We, from our positions, are no longer able to remember our bond with it. That’s something they still have not forgotten.