The Third Angel plays the trumpet. And from heaven fell a great star, burning like a torch. It spreads across the rivers and the waters. Many men died. The name of the star is Wormwood. ‘Wormwood’ in Ukranian means Chernobyl. (Book of Revelation, St. John 8: 10-11)

A few kilometers from Chernobyl, there is a radioactive atmosphere that can not be seen but can intuit it. Food contaminated by Cesium 137 and Strontium, these inhabitants consume daily making radioactive isotopes are deposited in their bodies gradually. These people still want to live in this area, they are their homes, they are their lives. “Something has to die” some say wryly At one’s in one of the most polluted areas of the planet. Thirty years later we can still see the effects of this invisible enemy.
The price of feed in Chernobyl is a slow and almost silent death.



he World Health Organization has warned of an increase in cases of HIV infection in Europe. Ukraine has one of the worst HIV / AIDS epidemics in the world, mainly due to the use of injectable drugs.

Currently there are more than 122,000 people in the European Economic Area infected with HIV, and not aware of their infection, which means that one in seven people living with HIV do not know it.

Vladimira lives in a small apartment in a suburb of Kiev with her cats. She has been a prostitute for more than twenty years, she is a drug addict and people usually get away from her when they know about her condition. She was infected with the HIV virus a long time ago by exchange of syringes; now she is in the AIDS phase because she decided not to take medication due to lack of resources.

In her body you can see the marks of the battle that the drug and the disease are fighting without compassion. Her husband and daughter died some time ago the same reason. Vladimira confesses that she is alone, she has no one, and life is becoming very complicated. There are days that she does not want to live, she wants to die. In other days, however, a pink light enters the house and it is all so beautiful that she wants to live.

Her cats are the only thing she has, they remain at her side without any hidden interest.

Vladimira’s life slowly dies out while she waits for the disease to do its job.

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